Supported Web Browsers
There are many browsers that will work with the LMAX Exchange trading platform. However LMAX Exchange only test against a set of the most popular. At the moment LMAX Exchange test the following browsers against the LMAX trading platform:

Chrome 10 and above on Windows and Linux
Firefox 6 and above on Windows and Linux
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and above on Windows

If you run into problems or experience unexpected behaviour with the LMAX Exchange trading platform, please check if you are using one of the browsers listed above. For MS Windows and Mac users, LMAX recommends using Chrome or Firefox. Please be aware that LMAX Exchange do not test against or support MacOS at this time. If your browser is not on the list, please be aware that LMAX Exchange may not be able to help you if you encounter problems.

Web Browser Performance
The chart below shows how long it takes to log into the LMAX Exchange trading platform with the browsers listed above. The latest version of Chrome is currently the best web browser to use.

If you wish to use charts, you will also need to have installed the latest version of Java.

If you run into problems with the LMAX Exchange website or trading platform, you should try the following steps first to see if the problem clears itself.

1. Logout, close browser, log in again.
2. Clear your cookies, clear your cache (this is known as “delete temporary files” in IE) and restart your browser.

If these do not work, please call the LMAX Trader helpdesk on 0333 700 1000 (International: +44 20 3192 2555).

LMAX Exchange is vigilant in the steps we take to ensure the security of our systems and the details we store on them are secure. It is highly recommended that you take similar action to secure your details while using the LMAX Trader service. Below you will find some information regarding the security features of the LMAX Trader web platform.

Secure Sessions
When you login to the LMAX Exchange website you are always in a ‘secure session’ – you can tell this by looking for a padlock at the bottom right hand of your browser and checking that the website address starts with ‘https’. This means the data sent between your computer and our website is encrypted.

LMAX Exchange use 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption – which makes our website very secure.

Secure Log in
LMAX Exchange process provides another layer of security. For your safety our trading platform will only accept passwords with a minimum length of 8 characters with a mix of upper and lower case letters and numbers. Please ensure that your password is not the same one as you use on any other online website, is not related to your username or otherwise easily guessable.

To ensure that a high level of security is maintained, please remember that you must not disclose your Username, account details, account number(s), or passwords to anyone. Inform LMAX Exchange immediately if you think these may have been disclosed to someone else.